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Passbook Printer Settings On Server and B@ANCS

Printer Settings On Server
Run the machine no (for E.g) \\ in run command of windows
1 Right click on CONNECT to detect the printer in the Server.
2Change the form size, paper layout as set in local machine.

Printer Settings On B@ANCS
1.Login in to B@ncs using Vault Teller Login (Capability Level 5).

2.Go To Administrative Menu.

3.Click Branch Maintenance.

4.Click List All Printer Queues.

5.Click Edit.

6.Type the machine no : In This Case the Printer is connected to the machine is connected .Hence Given as \\\passbookprinter . This passbookprinter is the name given to the printer while configuring in Windows.

7.Ensure the same name is configured in B@ncs software also.(CHECK FOR UPPPER AND LOWER CASES TOO). If PassbookPrinter is configured instead passbookprinter,
B@ncs will throw an ERROR since the configuration is case sensitive.

8.Click Update.

9.Click Teller to Add the Teller No(S) where PRINTING is to be done.

10.Click Save.

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