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Passbook Printer Settings On Local Machine

Start > Settings > Printer And Faxes.

1.Right click on the window. Go to server properties.

2.Create a New Form (PASSBOOK) of Dimension.
Width : 7.80 inches.
Height : 5.30 inches.
And then save the form. Make Sure That The Exact Dimension Are Set Before Priting,since This Is The Exact Dimension Of Passbook.


4. Ensure that IBM Proprinter II Driver is installed on the System.

5. Right click on the PASSBOOK printer . Go to Properties.

6.Click General TAB.Click Printing Preferences.

7.Click Layout. Click Advanced.. Select Paper Size PASSBOOK(i.e The new form that have been previously created using server properties).

8.Click Paper Quality.Select Paper source : Automatically Select

9.Click Advanced. Ensure IBM Proprinter II Driver is installed on the system for PASSBOOK PRINITING.

10.Click on Device Settings TAB.
Select Tractor Feed : PASSBOOK.
Select Maunal Paper Feed : PASSBOOK.
Select Upper Paper Tray : PASSBOOK.
Click OK.

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