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E-Aadhaar Download

Before download your E-Aadhaar are you sure that your Aadhaar is approved or not, to check this go to below status link.

How To Check Your Aadhaar Status:

E-Aadhaar Download Process:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Fill up the following option properly-

Step 1: Your Personal Details
I have* Enrolment Id or Aadhaar
Enrolment Number/Aadhaar Number * (14 Digit Numbers)
Full Name * (Your Full Name)
Pin Code * (PIN Code of Your Address)
Enter above Image Text * (Captcha Code)
Mobile number * (Put your mobile number to receive ONE TIME PASSWORD)

Step 3: After that click on "Get One Time Password".

Step 4: After that you will receive a OTP or One Time Password in your mobile and put those passcode in to "Enter OTP" field. Second part is like this-

Step 2: Enter OTP Received and Download your E-Aadhaar
Enter OTP *

Step 5: After that click on "Validate & Download" and you will get a download popup and just download the file.

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